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Welcome to our site, I’m Gabor, let me introduce myself with the brief history of my brands: st3nD & DustCoverPro.

In 2021, I began crafting stands for myself in my apartment for my humble little home studio as a hobbyist musician ’cos it seemed quite convenient. The initial goal was to make stands for myself and my fellow musicians that are easy to install, very stable, live together with the device and are portable. 

My initiative quickly gained traction among said friends and others around me, and before I realized 3D printing became more than a hobby. As I honed the technology I began to fulfill not just individual orders, but I gradually started building my own brand – and in just a few months in, as I needed a name, „st3nD” was born.

I already selected the best software for the design, and I quickly had to upgrade the general 3D printers to professional ones, because I knew that in the long term I could only work very accurately with machines that could reliably produce the same dimensionally accurate products even after several years.

By 2022, I noticed a high demand not just for ergonomic stands but also for simple, yet elegant, waterproof dust covers. This realization led to the creation of my co-brand: DustCoverPro.

I dedicated myself to refining the printers, engineering processes, tailoring and brand management relentlessly, so by the end of 2023, I had finally moved out from my living room into a proper workspace, the st3nD office was established.

Now in 2024 we have a balanced offering of 300+ types of stands and 300+ types of dust covers for all kinds of musical instruments in our webshop. We ship from our EU office worldwide covering all continents and basically every corner of the globe. We used to pin the new destinations with my wife on a world map but now we happily grew tired of it. 🙂

I really hope that this is all but the beginning of our journey which wouldn’t be possible without the most exciting and beautiful universal language we use: MUSIC. And of course – without YOU – who love and wield this form of art and help this magnificent world grow bigger each day. With all this in mind feel free to contact me anytime with your toughts and requests – I try to keep communication and production as friendly and personal as I started this whole adventure.

So Thank you and warm regards,


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