OpenStyle stands:
We are happy to make a stand with which the given function (tilt/lift) can be solved. The fastest custom-sized stands can be made with the “OpenStyle” stand. Please measure the width and depth of your device, because we may already have the right size in our range: OpenStyle stands – you can find the dimensions in the pictures. If the tilt angle and depth of the stand are correct, but the width is not, then by cutting the stabilizer bars to the appropriate size, we can also send a custom size – maximum 470mm (18.5″) in length. Please specify the custom size when ordering. If you have not found a suitable stand, please contact us, describe what you need (tilt angle, elevation) for which device (manufacturer/type/version) and we will examine the possibilities.

EasyLock stands:
I found a stand that already fits the device, but I need a stand with a different angle of inclination and/or height: please describe what you need, we will reply soon as to whether we can make it and when, and for how much: contact us (Advance payment is required for individual orders.) Since the device is physically necessary to check the correct grip and organizing it is a time-consuming task, we do not accept new EasyLock type requests upon request. We work to make stands for many instruments, controllers, and DJ equipment as possible. You can help us by indicating your request (contact us) and we will add it to our list if more requests are received.

I couldn’t find a dust cover for my device:
We are constantly expanding our product portfolio in accordance with needs. Please write which device you need a dust cover for and we will try to prepare it as soon as possible. In the optimal case, the new dust cover will be available for purchase in about 1 week. contact us

Can I order a stand in a different color?
Typically, we only make black OpenStyle and EasyLock system stands, in this case it is not possible to request a different color. In the case of other products, it is also possible to print in other colors, for which an additional price must be calculated, contact us to discuss.

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